Tuesday, September 16, 2008


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Transparent Watercolor

15 x20.5 cm
(approx. 6"x8")

Another entry in Karin Jurick's challenge of the week.


I am so happy I found this generous woman and her ingenious ideas! It has gotten me back to thinking about working again. I wish I could find someone here to paint with. It seems as though everyone works in acrylics or oils. Actually, what I really wish for is that I could find a watercolor workshop . There are so many basic things I don't know.

Anyone have a good suggestion for a watercolor workshop? Am willing to travel. :-)


L.Holm said...

Your work is beautiful! Maybe you should start your own workshop!
Liz Holm

cFeldperson said...

Ha ha!

Liz, I am afraid I would be kind of lonely if I had to go to my own workshop! But thank you for you nice comment and vote of support.
Best, Carol

Andy Mathis said...

Hi- I was out of town, so didn't participate this week for Diff Strokes, but wanted to say I might love your rendition best of all.

Very nice.

Terry Rafferty said...

I agree with Andy - this was the image that caught my eye out of all of them. I know nothing about watercolor (being one of those oil people), but it sure looks to me like you know what you're doing! Love the nude figures from the previous 2 posts too.

laura said...

I really love your interpretation of this scene. The dune grasses/bushes are especially wonderful to me (who always has trouble with them!); great color and texture. I also like the way you handled the fence and all the subtle variations of color you got in the sand and shadows!
You might enjoy joining the once-monthly www.virtualsketchdate.blogspot.com; the September reference photo will be posted at the end of this week.

cFeldperson said...

Andy...What a nice thing to say. Since I liked your "Jack" watercolor so much, I was looking for your "Fenceposts". Sorry you didn't get to do it. Now I don't see your "Newspaper Guy". I hope you are working on it.

Terry...And thank you, too! Already I am starting to look for familiar styles and names, and I look forward to seeing your paintings and drawings both on Karin's site and on your blog. You must be very disciplined!

Laura... It is always wonderful to hear comments about my work, but it is especially meaningful coming from a fellow watercolorist - and your work is really exceptional. Thank you! Also, thanks for the head's up on the virtual sketch. I downloaded it but don't know if I will have time to get to it before the deadline. We'll see. I'll look for your's.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Nice flow and design in this painting.