Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Big Plans

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I hated my submission to Karin's challenge this week. I wanted to snatch it back as soon as I saw it posted on her site. I just had no investment in the subject and couldn't get interested. I have learned my lesson and will aim at the trash can rather than the scanner next time I feel this way.

There were some tiny sections I kind of enjoyed doing, so this is what you see above.

If you want to see the others, look here: This week's Karin Jurick challenge over at

Now go look at this!!!


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Hillary Miller said...

Hey Carol,
Shana Tova! Why are you so hard on yourself? I really liked your Cloud Gate Sculpture painting. If you are brave enough to post it (which of course you are) then you don't need to put it down. Here's what I like: Your couple is all alone and also seem to be holding up a slightly deflated world. The world is pressing on them even as they support it. Your watercolor is fresh and simple You know when to stop - that's hard to accomplish.