Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tonsil saga part 1

IV antibiotics at the after-hours emergency clinic on Yigal Alon.

Actually, this tonsil story started not quite a year ago when my daughter was 18. Never having had strep throat before, she began getting strep every few weeks. (Large, white blisters in the throat, fever, pain with the potential to cause kidney damage and/or rheumatic fever). Not to mention she is a classical singer involved in performances.
After 4-5 of these infections we began to explore a more permanent solution than dietary changes, vitamins and antibiotics. A couple of surgery dates were scheduled, but were canceled for various reasons by the doctor. The day after she finished the antibiotics for her 7th strep infection, she woke up with the beginnings of another infection. As it was a holiday, we took her to the emergency health care clinic, they remembered her from a couple of other strep related visits, cultured her, inserted a port into her vein and started IV antibiotics. She returned for another dose and we left with determination to get those tonsils out.
These sketches were done while waiting for the antibiotics to finsh going in.

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marcello murru said...

very nice raport,the pencil give a malinconic tach , very emotional.
auguri di buona guarigione.