Thursday, January 22, 2009

I feel so rejected!

Probably because I was. :-(

What do you think? (Anyone who happens to find this by accident!)

Reference Photo

My Painting 

I have been participating in Karin Jurick's fun challenge site since the 1st of September, 2008.  
It has been the single most influential source of my beginning to paint on a regular basis again. 
It got me started and I have looked forward to every week, 
each new challenge, all 15 of them so far. 

But, this time my painting was rejected and so I was despondent all day. 
It did not look enough like the photo. 
(Actually, it was more like..."it didn't resemble the reference photo in any way.") That's Karin...straight to the point. And, that's what I have really appreciated about her all along. 
And today, I went back and read her words she posted on the blog this week...especially "#3. work every day at it regardless of the applause because that's what ultimately improves your work."
Anyway, I have to agree with Karin, that she has to make this decision every time and  there are people out there that would interpret that exception such a deviation from the photo as an invitation to go much further afield...
Look for me out in front on the next challenge, though!!

Boring stuff- for painters, only:
Granted, the building itself in the photo didn't do much for me.  However, the way it was lighted from the interior with the light spilling a little did, very much. I also liked the dark trees against the purplish sky wrapping around to frame the sky and memorial. That was what I was going for.

I was trying to think of a building around here with columns that I could relate to more easily, and the only thing I came up with was the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem (mosque) - which I cannot go to. Then I remembered that silly kiosk from the sketching the week before and tried to use that from the same angle and placement as the Memorial. I thought I had gotten the lighting and the composition down (and added people because that is what I do. Paint random people.)


Paintings by Irit Bourla said...

She is right but see my em to you.
This painting is beautiful you are a creative artist.
See you in the next challenge. I am sure that you cannot find this building in Tel Aviv...
much love, Irit

Nartizt said...

I too, really like your painting. Sorry you were rejected. There have been many images posted to her site that I couldn't see the reference at all. Guess maybe its time for her to get more picky, with the huge amount of participants, and the extra viewers coming in since the two articles were published. Anyway, I still enjoy your blog and I visit it often - keep creating!!

Jala Pfaff said...

I love your painting, though it's true it didn't seem related to the ref. photo. Yours is much more interesting than the!

Cathy Gatland said...

I didn't attempt this challenge, partly because I felt no connection - the building or the atmosphere - didn't push any buttons for me. The fact that you interpreted it into your frame of reference, is innovative and creative and true to yourself. Your painting is warm and compelling - it is very different from the reference photo so it ran the risk of 'rejection' - but it is a lovely light-filled painting that I for one have enjoyed and appreciated. Don't be despondent!

Diane Morgan said...

Hi Carol, I agree yours is a beautiful painting. Glad I got to see it here. Now we know we can't stray too far. When I did the upsidedown woman walking I was sure mine would be rejected, but luckily not. Maybe it is true now that she has so many entries she has to be more selective. I agree with you about the participation of more watercolor artists these days. That's great. I do often paint small oils and they are usually quicker than my watercolors, but I've been drawn to do watercolors for Karin's challenges. I love your work. Glad I've been introduced to it throught Karin's blog.

Trevor Lingard said...

Hi Carol
I am not familiar with the process of selection, but I have to say I like your painting very much.

Leora said...

I like your painting very much. Ingenuity and creativity shows through. You made a rather staid and dull photograph into a cafe scene.

Myrna said...

Hi Carol,
The fact that her photograph acted as a catalyst and springboard for your own ideas is far preferable than the images that are just minor changes from the original photo. You are ahead of the rest. Beautiful work.

NoNo said...

Hello! Your picture is good, it,s a fact. The problem: too many people and you, opening the door of a very,very free interpretation of the photo (lots of problems for karin and much more time to judge).

I like very much your work.

laura said...

I have participated in DSFDF a couple of times, but, to date, I haven't deviated much from the provided subject matter--which is actually my goal (!). You used the ideas presented in the reference as a jumping off for a totally "new" painting and one that, I agree with others, is more interesting!!

Sheila said...

Harumph to Karin but unfortunately art viewers are as subjective as art itself. I LOVE your intepretation and if flying saucers in other challenge entries is more like the image than I really don't follow her logic.

Remember what she said in her latest advice for this week's challenge, what someone may love you may hate and vice versa. Just remember people who know and adore you LOVE this piece. HUGS!!!

Michelle Burnett said...

Hi Carol,

I can see it...the night scene, with the similarity of the gazebo to the architecture, the light and the trees.

But...I respect Karin and it's her blog, so what she says goes! ;)

However, I'm sorry it didn't make the cut. It's a beautiful piece nonetheless!

Erika Nelson said...

Carol I'm a loyal admirer of your work as you talents always continuously impresses me. Excellent illustration of night scene! I can't derive and relation to Karin's reference photo though so I agree with her. I would have enjoyed painting something similar to your scene more though!

Hope to keep seeing your work in DSDF! Your style and rendition add to my thrill in participating and eagerness to view the submissions!

James Parker said...

Carol....Don't you be dejected. I turned in a paper once on my summer vacation instead of boring old Hamlet. I got an F, but I'm still alive and kicking. I will look forward to seeing your Victorian house...but remember, it can't look like the Alamo. :-) Go get em...James

annie said...

Well, even if it was rejected, it fulfilled one of your goals, to be inspired to paint more. and I think that goal should lead all the others.
So you did that, and in addition, made the subject very much yours and so lovely.

Ramana KV said...

Wow.. Very creative.. With all the changes you made to the painting, it looks far better than the reference..

Very nice job on the people.. Am scared of painting figures.. ;)

dominique eichi said...

I see the columns, light's, mood, trees on your kiosk refer to the jefferson piece but it is a bit stretching it. But this piece is such a lovely night scene with people interacting and enjoying themselves that Jefferson would like to have been there. Waiting to see a somewhat victorian house !

Margaret Ann said...

I love the glowing light you achieve in your's simply so darn gorgeous!!!

Carol Feldman said...

Thank you to all for weighing in. I am over my initial surprise and disappointment and actually received some very good advice from all of you. I have many ideas running around in my head and hope to move on some of them very quickly.
Again, thank you all. (Except the guy from Iran who said some kind of nasty things about my mother and my country. But, I erased those!)

maria said...

Just wanted to add that we should paint what inspires us. The painting is more important than the subject. Sometimes though, it may not fit some guidelines... and that is a risk we take. By the way, I like the warmth expressed in your painting.

PPASP said...

Karin was right to reject it --there doesn't seem to be anything from the reference photo in your final version. Nice painting, however!