Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Charles Reid Workshop Spring 2009

Originally, I had all my workshop photos here in 6 different posts. I decided to put all of the postings together into a single post and put a link here so I wouldn't have to see them among all my regular postings. Below are some things I did in that workshop, but if you want to see what Reid and my fellow workshop participants did, please go here:
Charles Reid Workshop Spring 2009

Sad to say, this is my first attempt, post Reid exposure. I wouldn't have posted it, but was afraid if I didn't you would imagine it to be even worse! (He really liked the shoes, though. :-)
My afternoon effort with a different model.
Opening comments.
I was sitting right behind Reid while he was drawing this day.
This day I moved to where I could watch his face while he painted.
This is another painter intently watching. He is an archaeologist who had worked in a dig near Haifa (Carmel) in the early 70's and lived on a Kibbutz while he was there. He was also very generous, printing some old black and white photos for me for our "historical photo day".
Another painter, mesmerized.
I got to paint Nicholai this day. Reid was very complimentary of my work, and he pointed out the shadow side of the face, the hands and the left side of the shirt and arms as good examples of using what he had taught. (In case you are wondering.) It feels funny to say this, but it made me feel good at the time and I was really enjoying using the different focus and way of seeing that he taught.
My initial drawing from b&w photo. (my parents in Chicago in 1947)
Above is my study in preparation for the larger painting from my photo.
Above, on the left here, is all I got done the last day of the workshop. I have since worked on it some more.

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