Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pasta Mia

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You should have seen the looks I got when I walked into my favorite pasta place aound noon today and asked if they would mind if I took a couple of quick photos of their (fresh daily) pasta. I think they would have been happier if I had said I wanted to steal some. Especially when I told them, actually, I wanted to paint it. Uh...yeah.

Wonderful pastas and sauces if you are in the area of 
Ibn Gvirol and Lincoln 
(pronounced the local way "Leen'-ko-lyn").

Pasta Mia - 10 Wilson - Tel Aviv


Leora said...

Wonderful watercolor. Love how the red checkered tablecloth and sign separate the greens from the yellows.

I started photographing a lot with the intention to paint; now I photograph even more, and paint a little. I love how you got the folds of the checkers in paint. Well executed.

peachtreeart said...

The looks were worth it! Great job.

freebird said...

Oh that's funny. Bet they really would have liked for you to buy it! Your sketch is great. Love the green pasta with the red checkered cloth.

Sandy said...

Too funny, but wow, what bright and cheerful pasta!!!

Barbara Weeks said...

LOL. Great watercolor!

Hillary Miller said...

so did you eat it as well as paint it? I have a hard time painting food unless I get a plate of my own to consume! love the abstractness of the shapes and composition. By the way, I tagged you on my post today - play if you like!

Paintings by Irit Bourla said...

LOL. I can see the faces, the Israelies thinking to thenself what a kookoo? This is funny.Very funny. Great job.
I must have pasta for dinner tonight.

toby said...

I agree with Irit - your painting is making me hungry :)

marcello murru said...

This is very nice,very italian atmosfere!!
I make my self pasta every week,whit my italian machine !!
try this "tagliatelle":
1kg farina 00(durun),olive oil,12 eggs(the red)salt,hot water.
go very well whit simple red sauce (olive oil,garlic,tomato,red wine,salt and little,little sugar.
And the secret :
put the garlic just little press,whit oil and little water,be come a creme and you feel only the teste!!after put the wine,the tomato ,salt and the sugar!!!
buon appetito.