Sunday, November 16, 2008


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Transparent watercolor 15 x 18 cm
My weekly watercolor challenge from the Different Strokes from Different Folks  blog.  Thanks Karin!
And yes, I painted it upside down* (except for the sunglasses) and no, I wasn't particularly happy with it, but I have promised myself I would post everything I am doing because I learn from it all and it is good to have my progress here to look at.

*sometimes, because of the nature of watercolor, I had to turn on its side or right side up so the watercolor would flow the right way.


Sheva said...

There is just some amazing paintings in this blog. I am really inspired to take out my water colors again and have at it. it reminds me of my college days.

Loredana said...

Carol, that's welldone!
Did you painted it upside down as suggested or you did it in the "normal way"?
If I had to do it I don't know if I would have painted it head down!!!

Carol Feldman said...

Thank you!

@Sheva - get those watercolors out! With all the interesting challenges and friendly paintings, it is much easier than in college to paint and actually get feedback!
@loredana - after you asked the question, I realized I should have addessed that on the blog...and added the answe - yes, upside down. Creates a totally different style, no?

Paintings by Irit Bourla said...

Love the colors. Did I say already that you are a master in watercolor?
To my surprised you did not mention Dizingof St or Nordoff??
I love how you find in each pic a connection to Israel.
Love your work hope to see ya soon.

Rebecca said...

Ok, I just fell in love with your blog, or rather, your artwork. I looked through all the paintings and especially love the very Israeli ones like the hummus, guy reading the maariv, and the street corners. You are welcome to draw jerusalem too!

Paintings by Irit Bourla said...

sorry but I'm tagging you. :)

dominique eichi said...

OK I am adding to your list

I am tagging you :~)


laura said...

I like it very much, Carol; especially the colors in the dark background and the beautiful way you painted the little of bit of leg showing--the way the light hits the legs is great!
(ps thanks for your very astute comment on my blog--it really helped!!)

Carol Feldman said...

@ Irit - Thank you, Irit! And yes, you always tell me I am a master! You are good for my ego. :-)

@ Rebecca - What a nice comment. Of course I will draw soon as you put some links in your blog to great secrets in Tel Aviv!

@ Laura - Thank you Laura. I hope things turn around for you soon. It is a very frustrating phase.

@Irit & Dominique ....emmm. I will have to think about this. I am kind of, um, shy. We'll see.

Peg Bundy said...

I just came across your website via thing-a-day, which I sadly missed the deadline to join this year.

I really like this painting it immediately reminded me of Edward Hopper. It sets quite a mood. Nice work.