Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tel Aviv Cafe Drawing

(click to big)
#2 Pencil 21.5x27 cm

I have been so enamoured with Urban Sketchers that I decided I wanted to start sketching more city things so one day I, too, will be one of the urban sketchers on this great site.  So, I coaxed my trusty friend who lives quite near to meet me in a local cafe to start the series. However, it was so much fun to watch her draw, that I sort of lost sight of my original goal.  (OK, I know it is not terribly flattering of her - but hey - it's art!)
Maybe some of the locals can figure out which cafe this is!   
And 5 extra points for identifying my friend (a well-loved blogger in town).


Sarah said...

very nice to see a drawing by you. I'm a big fun of drawings! As for the cafe, does it start with a "G"? hehe :) שבת שלום

Paintings by Irit Bourla said...

I dont know her but i can tell you she is a beautiful lady.
R we gonna meet in this Cafe shop?
Thanks for visiting my Blog. I like your E-A-RROTT.

Carol Feldman said...

Eveyone is too shy to post who and where this is!!! I keep getting person emails with the answers. Yes, it is Ginsberg Cafe on Achad HaAm and my friend is the famous blogger Savta Dotty. are such a loyal fan, and also an Oh-So-Arty blogger!
Thank you for stopping by. Maybe I will see you at Ginsberg...

@Irit...there are so many wonderful cafes here, it is always difficult for me to choose one over the other.
Uh oh. I don't know what you mean by E-A-RROTT. However, I have a feeling it has something to do with my horrible Hebrew. :-(

Sheva said...

I love this drawing, beautiful!

Lisa Reed said...

I was thinking that you should certainly be a part of the Urban Bloggers! Will look for you there very soon!

Carol Feldman said...

@Sheva...Thank you!
@Lisa....I will definitely use you for a reference! ;-)