Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jazz @ Shabul

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I managed a few sketches while enjoying music with friends the other night at Shablul Jazz Club in the Nemal. (Hangar 13-Tel Aviv Harbor).
Small place with an intimate atmosphere and very nice music. This was Mel Rosenberg's group, celebrating the release of their new CD, "The Essential Mel" .

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Sharon said...

These loose pen and wash sketches are perfect for capturing jazz musicians. I also looked at your album of previous work and admire your ability to paint complicated scenes so effectively. Subject matter/composition/colors - wonderful! Pleased to have encountered your blog.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff - thanks for drawing and sharing, i will link to it on my sites,
best wishes,

Werner said...

Very nice work.
And a very intelligent way to use colour!
Best regards

Laura Frankstone said...

These are wonderful! They are exactly what pen line, music, and watercolor should do when they get together! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog---your comment has led me to your own fabulous work.

adebanji said...

I just love what you are doing with these squares and beautiful impressions.they are very subtle and sensitive. I'm inspired!

Edward Burton said...

I love your jazz musicians - definitely says JAZZ!

The Ginrod said...

love it love it LOVE IT!