Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What I Have (Not) Been Painting

I have been starting and not finishing a lot of painting for the last few weeks.

 I think part of it is that I am trying a lot of new things and my ideas get ahead of what I am doing and I want to move on - not continue what I am working on. It started when I got so frustrated with my watercolor that I decided to try and paint in oil.  Of course, that means learning a lot of new things, both materials and the way oil works, not to mention doing some amazingly cruddy painting. 

came to town and I went back to watercolor in order to try out all kinds of new ideas and techniques I watched her demonstrate over the course of a 6 day workshop.

Notes from the workshop...
 Now, I have watercolors and oils which are all in some degree of an unfinished state. 

Below are some examples. I do plan to finish something from here, but for now - 
I  am posting only the fruits of my discontent!
a larger, unfinished watercolor version of this sketch

maybe 1/2 finished oil of my son, Seth
New (to me) technique
of drawing directly onto
tracing paper. (Thanks, Myrna!)

Almost finished watercolor of my dad from the drawing above.

Seth (10 years old)


watercolor just barely started from the above drawing.

Studies in preparation for the oil painting started below

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Plan for a Painting

Last summer I went to Italy with a friend.  When we would pull up to the dock on the vaporetto, the way our reflections bounced back against the shadowy figures of the people waiting to board always caught my eye. I combined a few of the photos I took into a drawing to see if I could capture the contrasts for a painting.
Maybe, maybe not...but the drawing was kind of interesting on it's own.

click on photo if you want to see larger

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


watercolor 8"x8"

Water color sketch from drawing last weekend.

click on photo if you want to see larger.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More Drawings from Last Weekend

Banjo Player

SiriOm again

click on any of these if you want to see larger.  They are just small sketchbook size in pencil

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Music Weekend

I spent the weekend with good friends and lots of music in Zichron Yaakov, thanks to the local folk group in this area.  A great get-a-way and now I am trying to work up some of the sketches into lights and darks for ideas for painting.


Mindy and Larry

click on any of these if you want to see larger.  They are just small sketchbook size in pencil

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tel Aviv Friends? Consider this.

I live in a lovely, but miniscule apartment in Tel Aviv. I am at my wits end finding a place to paint.  
Does anyone know someone in Tel Aviv that might know of someone that knows someone? 
Please forward this to them if you do?

I need a small (1/2 room size?) private space to use as a work space during the day time hours 5-6 days a week in Tel Aviv. I paint (watercolor - no fumes or mess).  I would need access to a bathroom/water but do not need the use of a kitchen or evening hour access.  Does anyone have a space available they would be willing to rent to me for a modest amount of money or in exchange for a private parking spot?
Carol Feldman

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Painting at Susanne's

In the Kitchen
3.25" x 5.25
click on photo to enlarge

Susanne is off showing her friend around Israel, 
so I get to use her place to paint this week.  Nice friend, huh?
Tiny watercolor sketch to leave behind.

Cafe Shefer in Tel Aviv

Cafe Shefer
8" x 9"
click on photo to enlarge

If I stand on the top floor of my apartment and look across the street, 
this is the view I often see.
 This cozy cafe greets me every time I walk out the door, 
but this view is always fun because I can watch, unseen.
I especially enjoy this cafe in the evening 
because the tapping of spoons stirring coffee rise up 
and sound like delicate wind chimes.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tel Aviv: 29th World Wide SketchCrawl

Our corner of the world participated in today's World Wide Sketch Crawl.
Below see photos and drawings from Nachalat Binyamin in Tel Aviv this morning.
Creating a community of friends passionate about drawing around the world.
Click Link to see  Tel Aviv on Worldwide SketchCrawl
and other cities and countries

Click drawings and photos to see larger.

Susanne's work below

Leon's work next

Ida's drawings

Miriam's drawing:

and Lola's
Wendy's drawings below...

Renate's drawing

and what happened to Jane's???
Harriet's work

and below are mine.  
Except, really, this photo was not taken today...
it was taken by a friend when we were in Venice this summer.  
If she had shown up today, I would given her credit for the photo ;-) xo

and some more photos of us enjoying the sea breezes, drawing and making new friends.