Wednesday, January 21, 2009


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Transparent Watercolor 20x25 cm (approx 8"x10")

Inspiration from Karin Jurik 
and the sketching we did from the Sketchcrawl a couple of weeks ago on Rothschild.

Karin posted a photo of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC lit from the interior at night.  Never having seen it, I still thought it was a beautiful idea for a painting, so turned to our coffee kiosk with the pillars and put it into the same composition as Karin's night scene.


Unknown said...

I like the colors in this one

Sarah Peguine (שרה פגין) said...

Oh, how I like kiosks!
I love this work, and I think the colors are indeed great!

Unknown said...

beautiful... Karin has also become a great source of inspiration as well as YOUR work!

laura said...

Love the colors--so intense--and the way you handled the trees, very lush!

dominique eichi said...

What a nice feeling it gives. I reminds me of Europe walking around at dusk. I can see the different influences ( Sketchcrawl etc..)

Michael Ivnitsky said...

Rotschilde is a fun place to kill time