Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tel Aviv Friends? Consider this.

I live in a lovely, but miniscule apartment in Tel Aviv. I am at my wits end finding a place to paint.  
Does anyone know someone in Tel Aviv that might know of someone that knows someone? 
Please forward this to them if you do?

I need a small (1/2 room size?) private space to use as a work space during the day time hours 5-6 days a week in Tel Aviv. I paint (watercolor - no fumes or mess).  I would need access to a bathroom/water but do not need the use of a kitchen or evening hour access.  Does anyone have a space available they would be willing to rent to me for a modest amount of money or in exchange for a private parking spot?
Carol Feldman


iiimonfire said...

I know of the Hub.

2tierd2cook said...

Hi Carol,
Firstly, I love your works!
(my favourite medium are "washes")
it would be nice to know the next sketch crawl in TA.

Ok, i know that in the new central bus station there are many artists studios popping up, for how much i don't know, but i cannot imagine much, perhaps even for free. They just want to occupy the space.
I attended an alternative theatre show and thought what a wonderful idea.
Best of Luck

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