Saturday, September 27, 2008

Waiting for Dr. Brondvine

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from sketchbook 9x12.5 cm

Since I have been spending so much time waiting for doctors with my 18 year old daughter this week, it seems appropriate to put up a sketch of one of these waits.

She was supposed to begin her mandatory army service last week, but ended up with her 6th case of strep throat in less than a year. Now she has to get her tonsils out before she can go into bootcamp. It is complicated, also by the fact that she is a classical singer and is really not happy about having her throat cut.

** I love the healthcare system here -

Doctors are very accessible, most having appointments
at least once a week in the evening. The lack of
informality startled me at first. If there is a receptionist at all,
she is just there to keep people from going before their turn.
You are expected to figure out who is next in line, and
wait your turn to go in. When one patient leaves the
doctor's office, the next patient just goes on in and
sits down across from the doctor (who is usually in shirt
sleeves, maybe jeans and crocks) at his/her desk. The
doctor types everything into the computer as you talk (no
paper files) and if he/she needs to "have a look"
you just
hop up on the exam table, conveniently located next to the
desk. (Yes, I am talking about gynecologists, too!)

Here is a painting I have been looking at all this weekend. I really like it:

It is from Susan Abbott's blog:

How do you learn to put paint down and then not touch it? I can never stop myself. I think this is so beautiful and feels like a direct line into what she was thinking as she painted it.


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