Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tel Aviv: 29th World Wide SketchCrawl

Our corner of the world participated in today's World Wide Sketch Crawl.
Below see photos and drawings from Nachalat Binyamin in Tel Aviv this morning.
Creating a community of friends passionate about drawing around the world.
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and other cities and countries

Click drawings and photos to see larger.

Susanne's work below

Leon's work next

Ida's drawings

Miriam's drawing:

and Lola's
Wendy's drawings below...

Renate's drawing

and what happened to Jane's???
Harriet's work

and below are mine.  
Except, really, this photo was not taken today...
it was taken by a friend when we were in Venice this summer.  
If she had shown up today, I would given her credit for the photo ;-) xo

and some more photos of us enjoying the sea breezes, drawing and making new friends.


Jean Spitzer said...

Really enjoyable to see all these--and the artists who sketched them. Thanks for posting it all.

Unknown said...

Amazing results everyone!

Unknown said...

Millie in Montreal says Hi to Miriam.. I recognized her in one of the photos...
Will be in Aretz in 2 weeks... hope to see you...

Anita Davies said...

What a gathering!!! Wonderful works!

toby said...

Gorgeous! And it looks like you had a lot of fun :)

Lynn Cohen said...

How fun to sit outside with a group of friends and draw together.
Wow, there are two ways to read
"draw together" and I like both.
Fun drawings all.

Bill Gavin said...

Carol, Your watercolor of your dad is fresh and loose. I always love to see your watercolors and sketches.

Большакова Юлия said...

I really liked the pictures and the people and atmosphere! I love and to be in Tel Aviv and its paint. I wanted to come back